Dutch Protecting Monopoly

Even though the European Union is calling for open borders, there are several countries that are keeping their goods and services right there at home. They are not allowing online gambling to come across their borders, but are allowing it within them. They are trying to hold on to the monopoly that they have created, but the EU is trying to get them to let it go.

The Dutch government is one of the above referenced countries. They are cracking down on any online gambling no matter what the EU has to say about it. They are not allowing any foreign online gambling, and are prosecuting those banks and credit card companies that allow the processing of payments to online gambling sites outside of the country.

They announced that they will be holding them criminally liable and that they would have to be stricter about who they allow to process payments for online gambling and that it must only be within the country or it will be deemed illegal. They are also allowing advertising of online gambling sites, but again, only within their country.

They are also planning on distributing a list of government banned online gambling sites; presumably this spring.¬†Ecopayz casinos¬†hold the title for all online gambling, and it is a state owned company. They handle more than 400,000 online gambling patrons, and they want to keep it that way. However, they say that there are somewhere around 30 foreign online casinos that are attempting to infiltrate the country, and they won’t have any of that.

The EU has been trying to get them to comply with the rules and regulations for online gambling that the rest of the Union follows, however, they have refused. The EU says now that they may have to take the country before the European Court of Justice to get the Netherlands to comply with the online gambling regulations that they have set forth.

Antigua Gets Rights to Advertise In UK

Great Britain has decided that they are going to allow Antigua to advertise in the United Kingdom, according to a country spokesman. They say that they are very close to getting white list status, and that they have it on very good authority that they will be approved for it any day now.

With their popularity right now, having defeated the US in the online gambling suit that they had brought against them, it is no wonder that the UK would be willing to let them in. Many countries that are registered in Antigua have been wanting to get their feet in the door of the UK, and this will allow them to do so.

According to the tiny country, there was a meeting yesterday between UK Minister for Sport Gerry Sutcliffe MP and the Antiguan Minister of Finance and the Economy Dr. L. Errol Cort, and it seems that it went very positively. Cort said that it seems that there is very little that would keep them from getting permission at this time.

Once given white list status, the country would be able to advertise in the country, which would bring them additional revenue in terms of millions of dollars. Although there was some talk that Antigua would not be approved, it seems that the tables have turned and they are back in favor with the UK government.

Cort had met with them to try and expedite the situation, as they had submitted their application for the list but had not yet heard anything. Now that they are sure that they have all of the necessary paperwork in their application can proceed as planned. They say that the positive way in which it has been received makes them believe that there is no reason why they would not be approved for the online gambling advertising list.