When people come to my seminars, they take a test to determine their proficiency in Blackjack. Thousands of people have taken the test, which consists of twenty questions. The average number of wrong answers per test is about eight. That means people are 40% deficient in the knowledge of the Game!

Isn’t that unbelievable? 40%!!! Some have as many as sixteen wrong answers out of twenty. Any wonder the casinos report gross incomes of over $100 million every month?

Out of the thousands who have taken the test, only one got every answer right – one single, solitary person. A young lady. A very pretty, articulate, young lady.

She arrived at an open house one night and said she knew the game of Blackjack, but wanted to know more.

She took the test and was perfect. Personally, I was happy to find someone who actually had it down pat. I remember her asking: “If I know as much about the game as you say I do, why do I usually lose??”

I told her: “You probably have no Money Management, and no discipline.” She agreed that she didn’t have either one.

She decided to learn Money Management. She also learned card counting. She is fabulous! Tremendous!

Her prior knowledge was helpful, but her desire to learn Blackjack, with Money Management and Discipline, makes her a great student of the game. She now plays in Atlantic City almost every Saturday. She’s a $5 bettor with a $600 bankroll. Her winnings have exceeded $2,000.

You may not think $2,000 is a great amount of money, but don’t tell her that. She has added the finishing touches to her game. She has Money Management and Discipline. She has learned how to win.

Then, there is this other guy. You may have sat next to him at a Blackjack table many times. He’s having a great time – betting $15, then $50, then $100, then down to $35, and so on. He’s joking with the dealers and pit bosses, needling other players good-naturedly, and flirting with the cocktail waitresses. All in all, he’s having a hell of a good time.

Watch out when he starts losing a lot! He gets nasty with everybody! What caused the downfall?

He had plenty of winning streaks, but didn’t know how to take advantage of them. He bet heavily while losing and broke a lot of other rules.

He lacks Money Management. He has no game plan. He ends up losing his whole bankroll. It’ll be a long ride home. Ever take it? Not much fun, is it?

Now you want to learn Money Management?