In Baccarat you have only a few options for play. In fact this game has very strict rules for when you can draw a third card as well as how to bet. You have three bets that you can place: the tie, banker or player bet. The house edge is going to be 1.04 percent for the banker’s hand. This is the lowest house edge you may ever find for any game. It also behooves you to bet on the banker hand. Now that we have discussed that minor bit of strategy, let’s look at the rules for baccarat in which you can obtain a third card. Depending on who you bet on or whether you are the player betting on yourself, you will need to know when a third card is given to either hand. Knowing this can help you get a little further in your winnings.

To win Baccarat you need to have the higher hand. Normally the player or the banker with a natural 8 or 9 wins automatically and play ends there. When the player has less than or equal to five the player can take another card. If there is six or higher showing they can’t get a third card.

When the player has made their move it is time for the dealer. The dealer can get another card for certain situations based on the player’s move. When the banker has less than five or equal to they are able to get a third card, even when the player stands. For all other hands it is determined by the third card drawn by the player and the banker’s score.

The banker can get a third card when the score is six and the player’s third card equaled a 6 or 7. If the banker has a five card total they can hit only when the third card of the player is a four, five, six, or seven. If the banker has 4 total they can hit when the player has the third card of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. 3 card total for banker= hit on any card except when the player’s third card is an 8. 2 card total for banker= hit. It doesn’t matter what the third card was for the player in this case.

If the banker has a total of 1 or zero they can also hit no matter the third card of the player. The only time a banker must stand is when they have a total of seven. It will not matter what the player’s third card was.

These rules will help you develop a strategy for when to hit and when not to hit. It doesn’t matter if you are the banker or player. As long as you know when you and the other person can get a card you will know what action to take. Always hit to try and get a better score when possible according to the rules.